Best movie series of all time

Last Indiana Jones post, we swear.

Speaking of Indy, anyone see it yet? Spoiler-free reviews? How’s Harrison Ford look at 96?

Our excitement over the new movie is clear and it got us thinking if it’s the best movie series of all time. Very well might be.

Some other trilogies/series that come to mind:

Die Hard
Lethal Weapon
Star Wars
Care Bears

So, the best movie series of all time…?


18 Responses

  1. Gotta go with “Die Hard” – great villains (Alan Rickman AND Jeremy Irons – as German bros, for God’s sake!), kick-ass sidekicks, weasally authority figures, more smartassery than should be allowed. Kudos as well to the first two volumes of “American Pie” (since sullied by their less-than-worthy successors).

  2. How about the Saw series? I hear they may go to 7.

  3. Star Wars is fantastic and I’m not afraid to admit it. Lord of the Rings, Rocky, Rambo, Butt-Jammers…all solid.

  4. how has nobody mentioned the godfather series???

    and my less serious, but still kinda serious answer:

    Police Academy
    Back to the Future
    Home Alone

  5. LORD OF THE RINGS! LORD OF THE RINGS! LORD OF THE RINGS! Sorry, but Star Wars sorta sucks; George Lucas can’t write or direct himself out of a paper bag. Now Star Trek, that’s another story. All of the even number moves (that’d be II, IV, etc., for you sports fans) are Great! And Die Hard.

  6. how could i have forgotten saw! the first is one of my favorites!

    good calls with all the others, too.

  7. I’ve been reading this blog for awhile now Zach and I was certain that your favorite series of all time would be QUEER AS FOLK or OZ. Guess I don’t know you that well buddy.

  8. No way this is anything but James Bond. Soon to be 22 movies, and there are actually MORE good ones than bad.

  9. Best:
    Star Wars Episodes IV, V, and VI.

    Honorable Mention:
    Alien, Aliens (nix the rest)
    The Godfather (I and II only)
    Indiana Jones series

    Anything after about 1983, especially movies with Will Smith, Mike Myers, Jackie Chan, Tim Allen, or Angelina Jolie, any Bond movie made without Roger Moore or Sean Connery and movies that were good but all the sequels stunk like Jurassic Park, Die Hard, Jaws, Rocky, Beverly Hills Cop, and Back to the Future (although III was ok, II ruined the series).

  10. saw it, liked it, but it was too sci-fi-y for a real indy jones movie. and only one person called him “indy”. everyone else called him “henry”. the movie is called indiana jones, not henry jones.


  11. Rambo – the newest one says it all

    Terminator – #3 blew and the TV show swallows

    Bourne – I haven’t seen any of them but I hear they are pretty good


  12. Porkys…not that it’s anywhere near the top of this list. I just felt like bringing up Porkys.

  13. austin powers
    die hard
    scary movie first was good, others sucked

  14. “The Godfather” series was great for two films, but they completely boned it on number 3. And while I love LOTR, it isn’t a series in the truest sense, since it was always intended to be done over multiple films, unlike the others where they made a ton of money and had to go back to the drawing board for the next one. “Bond” sort of falls in the middle, but it certainly deserves to be up there with John McClane’s adventures.

  15. Found this story online

    (guy traded for some bats), and thought it could make for an interesting blog — weirdest trades in sports.


  16. Star Wars is, was, and always will be the best series ever. The Original Trilogy has no equal. Episode 3 is great. Nearly original trilogy quality.
    The Godfather is 1B. Those first two movies are enough.

  17. saw that same thing, dinur. hilarious!

  18. The Ocean’s 11 series.

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