Would you do…??? Round 4

We thought long and hard about ending the “Would you do…” series; we felt it had become stale and trite.

Then the emails started coming in asking when the next tournament was happening.

So we caved like a sorority girl who had one too many.

It’s time for the next round of prelims in the “Would you do…” series. And we’re going back to familiar territory: sportscasters!

We went through 16 in the first season of WYD, but there are plenty more — some high profile, some not — who are begging to be dissected, dissed and do-ed.

This is your brainstorming post for the next 16 sports anchors, sideline reporters and analysts to be featured. Featured? Sure.

The first 16 sportscaster can be found here, so let’s try to avoid repeats.

Make it happen in the comments.

35 Responses

  1. for one, I need to start watching more sports to get ideas. For two, we cannot ignore the international contingent, especially with the summer olympics so soon. Wasn’t there a hottie wearing a costume at the super bowl?

  2. This one has been label the next Erin Andrews.

    Samantha Steele


  3. Doris Burke

  4. I was watching First Take for some reason yesterday and thought that Sage Steele would be an interesting case study.

  5. There are some SMOKIN hot Ladies that do sportscasting for ESPN Deportes, I cant think of names, but I know some of them briefly appear on the US Sportscenter from time to time.

  6. Inga Hammond

  7. HOLLY ROWE!!!!



    Come on Zach, they don’t have to be some hot piece of ass like Erin Andrews…

    If you want to go off the board with non-sportscasters, I have the one for you

    AMY ROBACH from NBC News

    Throw in Robach as a wildcard!!!

  8. Julie Donaldson

  9. colleen dominguez is a fox

  10. I still say we should do a “Who would you do… Summer Olympians Edition.”

  11. Heidi Watney and or Kathryn Tappen…


  13. Yes, Colleen Dominguez is hot as is Charissa Thompson from Fox. They would be two favorites.

    Also, Jeanne Zelasko wasn’t on the first one, she would be one of those “makes you think” entries.

  14. you guys are kicking ass! keep it up…

  15. Be a man Zach and allow Amy Robach in as wildcard…

  16. pam ward
    cindy brunson
    lisa gangle

  17. Ines Sainz

    Jill Arrington

  18. Michele Tafoya!

  19. All in support of the Summer Olympics who would you do… do a smaller male tournament for the ladies that read the blog.

  20. By far the hottest sportscaster is Lindsay Soto of Fox Sports West. Check her out.

  21. How can I forget about Chris McKendry with those deep sexy eyes?

  22. She’s not in the national media, but here in Baton Rouge, the local NBC affiliate went and hired Emily Turner – a former All-American softball pitcher for LSU.

    Here’s her bio on the station’s website: http://www.nbc33tv.com/about/people/9194792.html

    Here’s a pretty decent shot of her pitching: https://www.nmnathletics.com/pics20/400/DP/DPBDKFCICWCDUEH.20070429000458.jpg

    Plus, she also has a MySpace page, just search for her name

  23. Krista Voda from Fox Sports (Nascar Pit Reporter).

  24. Stop listing hot chicks. These need to be “thinkers,” like that chick that got hammered at the Mike and Mike roast.

  25. There’s some Canadian sports broadcasting cuties ranked on this site:


  26. and for some diversity and junk-in-the-trunk:

    Pam Oliver.

  27. Dana Jacobsen
    Sage Steele
    Cindy Brunson

    I especially like women for this tourney like Dana Jacobsen where you really have to think.

    Yes I would do her, probably because I’m a guy and it is a piece of ass.

  28. If you want a fun bracket idea…who would you do…deal or no deal edition…or WWE Diva edition.

  29. Trenni Kusnierek


    She is an on field reporter for the Milwaukee Brewers

  30. adriana monsalve def

  31. Jennifer Hedger

  32. Golden (?) Oldies:
    Lesley Visser
    Mary Carillo
    Kathleen Sullivan

  33. As someone suggested, you definitely could have done a wrestling WYD. Summer Olympians would have been nice, but it’s generally a pain to find pictures.

    Plus, there is a bigger “talent pool” of sportscasters, so that’s the safe choice. With the injection of all these young cuties (you have to see all the hot Communications majors at KU), many of these broads are no-brainers.

    All these baseball teams have stadium-roving broads. Examples are Kim Jones from the Yankees (she is probably the epitome of the question), Amber Theoharis from the Orioles and some fugly hippie broad on one of the Bay Area teams.

  34. you need to keep it to national media. That way they are women that everyone knows of.
    If you start adding regional ladies it’s too easy to miss some quality.

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