What happened to Pronk?

It was just a few years ago that Travis Hafner was arguably baseball’s best DH. He hit for average, power and in the clutch.

Then something happened. Maybe SI doomed him. Perhaps there were problems at home. Juice?

It’s not that 2007 was a bad season — hell, for anyone else it would’ve been a solid year. But Pronk’s .266 average was about 40 points lower than what he averaged from 2004-06 and his 24 home runs (in approximately 100 more at-bats) were nearly half of his ’06 total. More alarming, Hafner finished by hitting .186 in 11 playoff games. This article (scroll down a ways) has a nice chart.

Hafner’s slump has continued throughout the first quarter of the 2008 season. He’s hitting .217 with four homers and is on pace for over 150 strikeouts. That is if he can stay off the DL, which is a possibility after missing his third straight game with a bum shoulder.

But hey, cool jacket, man.


6 Responses

  1. Serves him right for holding hands.

  2. Yeah, what a fag. Getting a chick hotter than what we are pulling.

    Fuck, that average and that jacket should be like vagina cryptonite.

  3. aw man, give him a break. hafner is quite possibly the ugliest man in baseball. the fact that he is bagging a good looking lady(that apparently likes tan in a bottle) should be commended.

  4. Yeah, what a fag. Getting a chick hotter than what we are pulling.

    Speak for yourself, Chris.

    Your mom is a fox.

  5. Pronk’s decline began when baseball (and the government) started to crackdown on steroids and performance enhancing drugs.

    Draw your own conclusions.

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