Would you do…Holly Rowe?

Why we might:

The easy answer: Nice hair.

The more in-depth answer: You all know you’ve thought about it. That girl at the bar who’s really cute, but when she slides out of the booth, you realize she probably weighs more than you do. The only thing holding you back is a few extra pounds, so you hold off, and go home and masturbate instead of getting the real thing.

Rowe might be that girl…but when masturbation’s lost its fun, the real thing is completely worth it — even if the scale is tipping in the wrong direction.

Why we might not:

The easy answer: Plus-sized.

The more in-depth answer: A little chunk is good — we’ve always said that it’s nice to have something other than skin and bones to hold on to.

But Rowe has a little more junk in the trunk than most prefer. You might be wasted and notice that she has four asses though you’re not yet to the point where you’re seeing double…

The answer: If you like her on top, you’re out. Game over. See ya later. Go get some frozen yogurt and call it a night.

Life is all about taking chances. If you play it safe with this one, your wang is going to be dry or in your hand (or both). But if you live a little — if you take that chance — you might get some shit from your friends in the morning, but you will have been that happy place where all straight men and Ellen DeGeneres long to go.

We’re gonna take that chance. Yeah. It feels good to say that. But beer goggles are a must in a situation like this. Let’s call it five Long Islands, and, unfortunately, us on top. (Sigh).

All right, folks. The polls are open, but don’t shy away from the comments. Like ’em bigger? Then it’s a no-brainer. If you’re one for the petite girls, think about going outside of your comfort zone.

(Reach-around for rstiles of Stiles Points for the suggestion).

Would you do…Holly Rowe?
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14 Responses

  1. Hell Yeh I would do Holly Rowe!!!…

    First off, she is probably sick and tired of Erin Andrews…so there is no doubt that she would be a FREAK in the sack…

    Yeh she is a plus size, but you know what they say about plus sized women — they are great in the sack!!!

    Don’t judge this book by its cover…

  2. Yes!!!!!

    She has a little junk in the trunk – but shes not obese……She is cute and has nice fun bags…..Ive done worse in college at closing time…..When you get to be my age (41), being discriminate goes out the door, if I was 25, maybe I see why some would say no…..

  3. The Answer:

    First off I’m not trying to sound racist.

    But, you have to think that Holly is definitely the girl at the bar with the blinged out black guy. And you and your friends know exactly why they work together.

    Especially in the sports field I bet half the Grambling starting D line has had a turn on her. Which means there is really nothing I could do to compete.

    Short Answer: Hot dog in a hallway.

  4. there’s nothing about this woman I find attractive.

  5. I’m giving Holly a shot. Why not. You can always fall back on the “at least she isn’t Shelly Smith” defense.

  6. Before you vote, take a look at yourself in the mirror….and I guarantee that 99.97% of us are not George Clooney, Brad Pitt, or Tom Brady…

    So if you ain’t them, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to roll Holly Rowe?…

  7. Hell no brah! All y’all crazy if you vote yes. This fat ass is ugly as hell! Know what I’m sayin brah?

  8. I would do Holly Rowe, a little adventure never hurt anybody. If they keep coming up with women like Holly Rowe, this is going to be a very enertaining tourney.

  9. I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older my standards have dropped. I fam constantly checking out women I would have never looked at ten years and fifty pounds ago

  10. how low, can you go?…

  11. That’s an accurate assessment of Holly. And I agree with rstiles’ suggestion; she’d love to steal EA’s thunder.

    That said, I can’t do it, homie. I turn down pigs like her all the time in real life (for some reason, size 10-12 heifers find me approachable), so I can state “no” with conviction.

  12. i need a better photo to look at. She looks like a high school kid.

  13. Hmmm, the first Would You Do candidate with a substantial no vote. A perfect woman for this, really makes you think.

  14. I’ve debated this for a while….my thinking….get me some whip cream and chocolate syrup and I’ll have a great night with her. She is probably one of those who would be such a freak in the sack you would end up going back a couple of times for more fun.
    As far as the one question…how low can you go? I could go real low here!!

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