Happy Birthday, Big Picture!

You hiring?

Happy birthday punks!


Happy Birthday, Big Picture!

My jerkin’ hand is covered with rings!

Happy b-day, motherfucker.
Blow me,
Joe Torre

Happy Birthday, Big Picture!

You guys are shallow, chauvinistic and rude.

Happy birthday!

Happy Fucking Birthday!

The Big Picture turns two today! Happy Birthday to us!

Two’s really a special number. Two arms, two legs, two breasts. We once heard about a porno where a dude had two fully-functionally penises. That could be kind of neat.

So we’ve officially been at this blogging thing for two years. That’s 730 days of our life we’ve thrown away. Whoa. The fuck are we doing with ourselves?

Thanks for hanging out with us most of that time. The comments, the emails, the links…it means a lot. We certainly don’t do this for the money or sex or fame or drugs or sex.

We have some birthday visitors today too, inspired by the hilarious jerkoffs at KSK. Some have already dropped by. Some will be by later today. So check back early and often.

If you have presents in the form of prostitute, ad leads or hookers, drop us a line. Otherwise, let’s celebrate! It’s our fucking birthday!

Happy Birthday, Big Picture!

I just had an important birthday too!

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Big Picture!

Thanks for stealing our day, asshole.

Happy birthday!
Pearl Harbor Day Committee

Happy Birthday, Big Picture!

The pussy up here is to die for!
Happy b-day!