What in the world has happened to Andruw Jones?

That there is Andruw Jones. We’re pretty sure that he’s either dreaming about striking out or just did strike out.

He’s done that 36 times this season. He’s had 106 at-bats. That’s about one strikeout every three times up, which is only two-thirds better than we could do (If Train A leaves station 1 at 9:45 a.m. and Train B…oh, never mind.).

Other troubling statistics:

Batting Average: .170
HRs: 1

RBIs: 4

OPS: .543

These are the other big-leaguers with one homerun and four RBIs:

Raul Casanova
Ryan Raburn
Morgan Ensberg

Gregg Zaun

Mike Rivera

Elite company.

Jones is just three years removed from a 51-homer season, but can’t lay off the outside breaking ball in the dirt. He looks lost at the plate. (Good thing he’s a Dodger!)

So, baseball fans, we ask you: What in the world has happened to Andruw Jones? Launch The Big Picture investigation in the comments.