President Bush fond of Chase Utley, Roy Halladay

President Bush got to talking baseball earlier this week (not like there’s anything more pressing to discuss) and said the first position player he’d want if he owned a baseball team again is Philadelphia second baseman Chase Utley.

“I like Utley from the Philadelphia Phillies,” Bush said in a transcript at “He’s a middle infielder, which is always – you know, they say strength up the middle. There’s nothing better than having a good person up the middle that can hit.”

We like Bush’s middle-infielder mentality, but we’d probably go with Hanley Ramirez who’s five years younger. We can’t tell from the photo how Adam Dunn reacted to the news. But he’s tall.

The first pitcher he’d want is Toronto’s Roy Halladay.

“He’s a steady guy,” Bush said. “He burns up innings.”

Sure does. But, and we say this with all due respect Mr. President, that’s a bogus choice. Johan Santana!?! Brandon Webb!?! Jake Peavy!?!

In case you were wondering, when asked the same question, Utley said he’d take Cole Hamels. Fuckin’ homer.

OK, folks, tear up G.W.’s predictions. You’re starting a baseball team. You get one position player and one starting pitcher. Who you taking?