Guest Post: What’s All the Buzz?

A few weeks ago we challenged readers to a friendly game of Torch Run. Those who beat our ridiculously good score were offered porn links, a free subscription to the site or a guest post.

And our boy Gonzo took us up on the free post! Gonzo, who has a Phillies tattoo, is best known for hitting a bases-clearing double in his first at-bat of the Little League World Series tournament and for participating in the 2006 World Series of Darts. He claims to resemble Chris Elliott, Dr. Greene from ER, Jerry Seinfeld and, our favorite, former Giants pitcher Kirk Reuter.

Gonzo weighs in on the Buzz Bissinger fiasco from the perspective of a blog and MSM reader. Play nice…


“The future in the hands of guys like you is really, really gonna dumb us down to a degree that I don’t know we can recover from.”- Buzz Bissinger talking about Deadspin’s WIll Leitch on Costas NOW.

I have to admit, he may be right.

I hope you aren’t getting all riled up, because I would hate for someone to form an opinion about me without hearing the entire story. The same way you may have formed an opinion of Matt Leinart after a scandalous picture of him holding a beer bong on Deadspin before hearing THAT entire story (This one’s a quickie. He’s 24 years old and has millions of dollars. Would he be better off posing for the Wall Street Journal holding a stock ticker?).

How many times have you Googled Deadspin or The Big Picture in order to get last night’s scores? None. I save that for and Yahoo Sports. How many times have you gone to similar blogs to get a firm, solid, true sports opinion on why Carmona wasn’t pulled in the eighth inning? The answer is none. I save that for Joe Sportswriter who has been in the press box for 162 games per year for the last 24 years. I will gladly read his column top to bottom. How many times have you gone to a blog that is purely satire to grasp the essence of the walk-off homer, three point buzzer beater, or the breakaway goal in overtime? I’m sorry to say, the answer is none.

BUT, how many times have you clicked the link to your favorite blog to see pictures of David Beckham staring at a cheerleader’s ass? LeBron James wearing a Yankees cap at an Indians game? Photos of Erin Andrews looking saucy while reporting that snoozer of a Big Ten game? To see who advanced in the “Who Would You Do?” Bracket? (How the hell did Cavs Amanda lose anyway?)


The future of sports media is NOT in the hands of Will Leitch, AJ Daulerio or anyone going by the name of Balls Deep. The future of sports media is NOT in the hands of Rstiles or Gmoney posting their crude, yet clever opinions on the hotness of the cheerleader of the week.

If the future of sports media is in the hands of bloggers, then you have to admit, Buzz may be right.


DeShawn Stevenson and Buzz Bissinger: A fight to the death (or something cliché like that)

Two lapses of judgment Tuesday: Author Buzz Bissinger chose to swear a lot on HBO and make an ass of himself and basketballer DeShawn Stevenson chose to don a Michael Vick jersey and make an ass of himself. (Though Stevenson’s not getting positive attention for not supporting Rae Carruth, Carlton Dotson or O.J. Simpson).

So we’re going to run a poll to see who is the bigger, badder idiot. Badder isn’t a word, we’re told, unless it’s spelled with two Ts referring to something like cake “batter” or “batter” up. Bad writing. Bad grammar. Bad bad bad. We no longer are entitled to an opinion.

DeShawn Stevenson_________Buzz Bissinger
basketball player_______journalist


fur coat (?), jerseys_______sport coat, slacks
Dogs, LeBron James______Blogs, Will Leitch (?)
Soulja Boy_____Horses
Form of Intimidation
Menacing Gestures“______Unintentional spit, loud voice
Grew Up…
In Fresno___Reading the newspaper
LeBron, Jay-Z, PETA______Bloggers
Musical taste
Rap, hip hop, R&B____classical, definitely not rock ‘n’ roll — too new age

May the best man win…

Who’s the bigger idiot?
DeShawn Stevenson
Buzz Bissinger free polls

Blog Talk

We’ve been curious for a while about this: if you’re reading this site, what other finely edited sites are you reading?

If you’ve been following Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Blog’s Suckiest Sports Blog Tournament, you’ll notice that some big-name sports blogs aren’t highly thought of and others, that we didn’t know much about, are well-regarded.

If you read this site often, you know which blogs we like. If you can pick up on subtleties, you know which ones we don’t. But we won’t focus on those.

If you will please, in the comments give us your top five sports blogs (excluding this site…you all know this is your favorite. If it’s not, you’re lying. And if you’re not lying, maybe you’re penis-less). If you want to pick some fights, feel free to leave your five least favorite sports blogs. Including a most-overrated and most-underrated blog would be good, too.

It’ll be fun for all. We think. Probably. Maybe not. It just might be humbling. Fuck. This could backfire. Play nice.

Make us suck less

Our pal Lozo at the wonderful Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Blog is cleverly trying to figure out which of the top 64 blogs is the shittiest. It’s conveniently set up in a bracket, of course.

We’re a No. 9 seed which seems like we kind of suck and kind of don’t suck. We’re paired against Armchair GM which we don’t think is actually a blog. But we want to get smoked by it. We think.

So go vote for Armchair GM. NOT US. Unless you think we suck. In that case vote for us. And thanks for reading anyway. Then fuck yourself.

Our blogging cherry has been popped

If over two years of writing this site wasn’t enough, we are now officially a blogger: we have met Will Leitch.

Deadspin Will came to Seattle Friday and read from his newest book, God Save the Fan. It was a good time out — thankfully all awkwardness that comes with a book reading was mitigated with Boddington’s and PBR. We were able to introduce ourselves to Will, get the book signed and tell him we just gave 27.50 reasons to link to our site more often.

Really though, it was great to meet the biggest name (oxymoron?) in sports blogging. He was pretty much as we expected, though with more blackface jokes (1) than we thought. And we had him pegged for whiskey. He was drinking what looked like something and tonic. Yeah. Totally blindsided.

The Big Picture: ‘An in-your-face, no-holds-barred, comical look at the sports world’

Our new friends at Fantasy Sports 101 compiled a list of “Blogs We Like” and posted little testimonials about each one.

Here’s what they said about us:

An in-your-face, no-holds-barred, comical look at the sports world. If you want a laugh and don’t mind some foul-mouthed honesty, this is a good site to check out. This trio has been busting chops since 2005, which means their blog has lasted about two years longer than your average site.

Aside from failing to mention our striking good looks and remarkable athletic ability, we couldn’t have summed up the site better ourselves.

Vote for us…or else

There’s this site called Busted Coverage that has a great idea that’s terribly executed. They neatly put 64 blogs in an NCAA Tourney-like bracket to duke it out for bragging rights.

Though, rather than go with readership, talent or penis size, they went with Ballhype rankings, which are about the biggest load of shit on the Internet.

Anyway, we’re a No. 16 up against FanHouse. We need lots of your help, though we’ll totally lose, regardless. But make it more respectable. (Vote for us here). And feel free to leave a comment over at Busted Coverage about how the seedings are bogus.

Because they are. If seeding was done strictly on penis size, we’d be a top seed. We’d probably, somehow, be all four top seeds.