Local broadcaster jinxes no-hit bid

Sims, right, only believes in ‘written’ law. Random guy, center, smiles awkwardly

Don’t believe in jinxes? Really? Did you ever play baseball? Cuz we all know ballplayers are the superstitious type.

And it’s a good thing the Mariner’s Felix Hernandez wasn’t listening to the local FSN broadcast yesterday, because he might have killed play-by-play guy, Dave Sims.

In King Felix’s masterpiece, Sims was constantly mentioning the no-hitter, and just as we tuned in during the top of the eighth, as the telecast came back from commercial, he mentioned something about being six outs away from the no-no. And then, on cue — boom! — J.D. Drew smacks a single up the middle.

“It just sort of happened,” said an apologetic Sims. “Once I said it…I feel terrible.”

OK, we made that up. Still. Unwritten rule, Mr. Sims. Never, ever mention a no-hitter. It’s fine to think about it, but to talk about it?! You should know better. We haven’t played organized ball since the Pony League, but c’mon man…

It’s like walking out of a office bathroom stall, after lighting up the toilet, when another dude’s in there washing his hands. You just don’t do it.