Dan Shanoff is making the world a better place

We thought about running a post today speculating what a radio show hosted by the duo of Don Imus and Colin Cowherd might sound like. Could be funny, no?

But we were worried a.) it wouldn’t be funny enough, b.) it would come across as racist, rather than satirical, c.) it would be a lawsuit waiting to happen.

So instead, we thought we’d let our pal Dan Shanoff, of the cleverly titled blog Dan Shanoff, sum up the poor display of on-air personalities from last week. From yesterday’s post:

It’s the same old story: If mainstream sports media covered themselves in the same way that they covered athletes, this would be a much bigger story. But that’s how it has always been — and how it always will be.

And that’s why sports-bloggers have become the counterbalance to the biggest mainstream sports media; the fragmentation of local traditional sports media has always undermined its ability, in aggregate, to cover “national” stories or connect with a “national” audience (which is quickly becoming the most important segment of sports audience).

Ironically, sports blogs — which are about as localized and fragmented and niche as you can get — work as one big distributed network to cover stories like this. And consumers are the better for it.

Cowherd did what he did because, down deep, he’s afraid of the changes in his industry. Like Imus, what he fears most is his own irrelevancy. This incident — and the blogger blowback — isn’t foreshadowing Cowherd’s fears coming true; it’s proving that they are here already.)

Eloquent, accurate and concise. The man is a pro. If everything Donald Trump touches turns to gold, then everything Dan writes turns to gold lined with silver, covered with more gold.

And that’s a picture of a really hot chick to compensate for having a relatively serious post. Consider it a pants-stirring apology.