Rumor: Erin Andrews to be in Playboy

That rumor? We just started it. Quick, spread the word. Maybe we can make it happen!

But isn’t that where this is going, anyway? Andrews, who prior to winning Playboy’s Sexiest Sportscaster, got some recognition on this site by beating out other female sportscasters in a 16-person tournament. But with her Internet fame, good looks and interesting sideline reports, what’s next?

Gotta be Playboy. You just know the popular magazine is offering her at least a million to do a nude spread. And with her soaring popularity, Andrews’ cover would fly off newsstands.

But maybe she doesn’t want to pose nude. Agggh, who are we kidding? She’s gonna do Playboy. Oooh, or Hustler. She should totally do Hustler.


Erin Andrews is like so hot

Erin Andrews really is the foundation of this site. We like to think that it’s witty writing, good pictures and some neat interviews. But who the fuck are we kidding? Erin Andrews is the straw that stirs the drinks.

And no matter what NFL Adam thinks, she’s a 10. Waaay hot.
So what better than a collection of hot pictures of Erin? Barstool Sports — brilliant devils — did the work for all of us and put together a post with a lot of pictures of Erin giving us (not you, asshole. Us.) bedroom eyes.

Check out the link and then go relieve some stress in the bathroom in Accounting. Don’t fucking dare do it in the john in your department. That could get, ugh, messy.

And that picture is one of our favs of Erin. You can practically read her lips: “Zach, you and me. Right now.”

In-person: the Home Run Derby

A wee bit late on this, but still, first-hand experience is sorta cool.

One of the very few perks about having Giants season tickets these days is that we had the strip to the All-Star game festivities. We sold the tickets to the actual All-Star game (covered nearly the cost of the season tickets!) and went to the Future’s game last Sunday. We missed out on the Derby, but our bro and dad were there to soak it all in.

It was pretty much what we all expected: cool to be at the party, but the home-run hitting was pretty redundant. And no water shots. WTF?

We told our bro and dad to take pictures, pictures, pictures, and the ones here are three of many from the day.

McCovey Cove was packed like a bowl, the field looked great and Erin Andrews (bottom photo…it’s like finding fucking Waldo) was there! Click each photo for a closer look.

We weren’t really that upset about missing a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see grown men hit small balls awfully far, but it woulda been cool to be there and be part of the fun. And we would have liked to tell Erin that she’s a fucking champion. She just doesn’t know it yet.

A tribue to Ms. Erin Andrews

For closure on the “Would you do…” Tourney, we wanted to do something nice for the overpowering winner, Erin Andrews.

Ideally we’d interview her — a pretty straight forward Q&A, though we’d be curious what she thought about TBP readers wanting to run through her. But banging a good Catholic girl, pre-maritally, in a church, with the congregation looking on would be easier than getting an ESPN employee’s email address. (If you have ESPN insiders who might know Erin’s email, holler at us).

Instead, we’ll go with this nice montage of Erin.

Erin, we salute you! (And we’ll totally take you out in Seattle if you’re ever here. No cheap shit either).