Fun with pictures

So this means Dell Curry is A-Rod’s father, yes?


Robert Swift is having identity issues

Once upon a time, the Sonics’ Robert Swift was a young man with a dream. He dreamed of forgoing college, missing endless sorority pussy and warming the end of an NBA team’s bench.

Swift was tall, sure, but he was not big. He didn’t think big, play big, act big. He was a boy among men, cub among bears, A cup among DDs.

But Swift now is a changed man. From The Seattle Times:

A series of intertwining black tattoos cover large swaths of his body. He’s forgotten how many tattoos he has, but knows he’s spent 108 hours under the needle. Swift is wearing his shoulder-length red hair in a ponytail and has significantly bulked up in his upper body, adding about 40 pounds to his 7-1 frame during a nine-month rehabilitation, bringing him up to 280 pounds.

“I’m certainly more comfortable with my body now than I ever was before,” he said. “It’s an adjustment for me and for everybody else. I get a lot stares and comments, but I like it.”

Robert Swift might never touch a woman again, but he has found himself. And his identity.

Fun with pictures

Big ups to ImageShack, via 100% Injury Rate.

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And the teacher’s name is Cocky Cock

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[Update] Name of the Year was all over this Wednesday.