Our voice can be heard

…Sunday. 1:30 Pacific, 4:30 Eastern. Listen here (or maybe here). We think.

We’ve been invited back to the FDH Lounge, an Internet TV program on SportsTalkNetwork.com. We did the show around this time last year, to promote our “Would you do…” tournament.

They’re doing a day-long marathon to help raise money for a good cause. You can read about it here and here.


We’re getting reach-around treatment

Blog buddy and super commenter Rick from Stiles Points asked us some questions which we gave verbose answers to.

Go check it out. Leave a comment. Live a little.

It’s insightful and provactive and slightly arousing. For women. Arousing for women.

Our blogging cherry has been popped

If over two years of writing this site wasn’t enough, we are now officially a blogger: we have met Will Leitch.

Deadspin Will came to Seattle Friday and read from his newest book, God Save the Fan. It was a good time out — thankfully all awkwardness that comes with a book reading was mitigated with Boddington’s and PBR. We were able to introduce ourselves to Will, get the book signed and tell him we just gave 27.50 reasons to link to our site more often.

Really though, it was great to meet the biggest name (oxymoron?) in sports blogging. He was pretty much as we expected, though with more blackface jokes (1) than we thought. And we had him pegged for whiskey. He was drinking what looked like something and tonic. Yeah. Totally blindsided.

We’re on the hot seat

The kind gents at Sports Tech Now run a great interview series and posted a fun Q&A with yours truly.

Go read it. Leave a comment. Feel free to make fun of us. We’re surprisingly comfortable with it.

Happy Veteran’s Day

We’re not really sure the difference between Labor Day, Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day, but any chance to get a three-day weekend is awesome.

We’re traveling today, so enjoy the lovely Denise and we’ll see ya tomorrow.

Enjoy the day off, knuckleheads.

It’s Labor Day…

…And we’re in the process of moving back to Seattle.

We’ll be back tomorrow. Go jerk off 12 times today.

We can answer questions too

Our pal Jon from Pyle of List runs a great series called A Guide to Recognizing Your Bloggers, where he does some fun Q&As with the guys who run blogs.

It was our turn today and the interview is up. Go stop by, see what we have to say and leave a comment.

If you don’t, you’ll never get pussy again.