The story of Steve Bunin’s father

The other night, we thought it’d be fun to not watch the National Championship and rather go spend an evening with some distant relatives, their older (60s) friends and have a Passover Seder.

Naturally it was fun as hell and we didn’t once think about excusing ourselves to check the score of the basketball game. Because who needs college hoops when you have Steve Bunin’s father?

Don’t know who Steve Bunin is? Then get the fuck away from here. (Joking! Kisses!). Bunin is an ESPN anchor who mainly works on ESPNNEWS’ The Hotlist, where he can be seen modeling perfect on-air chemistry with coworker Michael Kim.

Turns out Bunin’s parents (Bunin grew up in the Seattle suburb of Mercer Island) are friends with our distant relatives. So we had the comic relief of ol’ man Bunin to keep us entertained.

Let’s just say the man can chant Hebrew like a bad motherfucker. And when it comes time for singing, his antics disguise his modest voice. The gestures are priceless.

Mr. Bunin didn’t seem to know much about sports. Seemed more fit to be a rabbi than the father of a sportscaster. But this wonderful man knocked up a woman who gave birth to Steve Bunin. Next is a Passover Seder with Steve himself. Maybe he’d bring Michael Kim along. We imagine they go everywhere together.