The best game you’ve ever seen in-person

Big thing going around the Internets last week or so is a question about the best sporting event you’ve ever been to in person. Mottram has a series of posts on it, and Shanoff had a quick piece on it as well.

So naturally, we were out at a trendy bar this weekend with some buddies and the conversation kinda sounded like this:

Us: Whoa! That girl is totally giving us bedroom eyes.
Friend: She’s pretty hot.
Friend 2: Yeah, go talk to her.
Us: Gotta finish this drink first…
Friend: Pussy. Go now.
Us: (Pause) Ugh, so here’s an interesting question, “What’s the best sporting event you’ve ever been too.”

After the successful change of subject (the girlie probably had crabs anyway), we started talking about all these great sporting events.

The point of this post is not what the best sporting event you’ve seen live. If you want to tell us what it is, we’d love to hear though. Drop off a comment.

Rather, we discussed which game you would go to if you could go to any historic game.

Some quick ones came to mind. The Catch. Jordan’s shot vs. the Jazz. Shot Heard ‘Round the World. Titans/Rams Super Bowl. Flutie Hail Mary. Miracle on Ice. Don Larsen’s World Series perfect game.

Dunno. There are some great games out there. The consensus we came to though was that Boise State-Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl would be the game we would have wanted to be at. Best. Game. Ever.

Go ahead. Tell us we’re batshit-crazy. C’mon. Bring it, motherfuckers.

That game had it all. Substantial comeback. Upset factor. Big stage. Trick plays. Wild ending.

We challenge you to think of a better game in the last 20 years. Fuck it. Longer. Fifty years. If anyone reading was at that game, wow, we envy you.

Feel free to wildly disagree. This is supposed to generate a discussion about the best game ever. Or talk about that Fiesta Bowl. Or discuss how many Long Islands you’d need before getting all adulterous with Ian Johnson’s fiancĂ©e.

Because that game still makes us pop wood, here’s the video of the last sequence. It’ll give you your second (morning wood) stiffy of the day.