This is for you, poker fans

Play online poker? The non-strip poker kind? Well if you do, you can get a lot of your money back by signing up with our friends at Rake Rebate Review, a really cool rakeback site.

When you play poker online you pay a fee to the poker room for each hand you play. Many players pay several thousand dollars in rake each month. The good news is that you now can get up to 60% of your rake back.

Pick a poker room from below and click on it for instructions on setting up a rakeback account with that specific room. With an account in place, your rakeback money will be paid automatically to your poker account once a month.

Reading comprehension’s never really been our thing, but this sounds like free money to us. And with free money, you could invest, save or donate. (Or buy hookers, drugs and drugs for the hookers).

So sign up with Rake Rebate Review. If you don’t, the bad guys have won. You don’t want that…