Would you do…Holly Rowe?

Why we might:

The easy answer: Nice hair.

The more in-depth answer: You all know you’ve thought about it. That girl at the bar who’s really cute, but when she slides out of the booth, you realize she probably weighs more than you do. The only thing holding you back is a few extra pounds, so you hold off, and go home and masturbate instead of getting the real thing.

Rowe might be that girl…but when masturbation’s lost its fun, the real thing is completely worth it — even if the scale is tipping in the wrong direction.

Why we might not:

The easy answer: Plus-sized.

The more in-depth answer: A little chunk is good — we’ve always said that it’s nice to have something other than skin and bones to hold on to.

But Rowe has a little more junk in the trunk than most prefer. You might be wasted and notice that she has four asses though you’re not yet to the point where you’re seeing double…

The answer: If you like her on top, you’re out. Game over. See ya later. Go get some frozen yogurt and call it a night.

Life is all about taking chances. If you play it safe with this one, your wang is going to be dry or in your hand (or both). But if you live a little — if you take that chance — you might get some shit from your friends in the morning, but you will have been that happy place where all straight men and Ellen DeGeneres long to go.

We’re gonna take that chance. Yeah. It feels good to say that. But beer goggles are a must in a situation like this. Let’s call it five Long Islands, and, unfortunately, us on top. (Sigh).

All right, folks. The polls are open, but don’t shy away from the comments. Like ’em bigger? Then it’s a no-brainer. If you’re one for the petite girls, think about going outside of your comfort zone.

(Reach-around for rstiles of Stiles Points for the suggestion).

Would you do…Holly Rowe?
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Would you do…??? Round 4

We thought long and hard about ending the “Would you do…” series; we felt it had become stale and trite.

Then the emails started coming in asking when the next tournament was happening.

So we caved like a sorority girl who had one too many.

It’s time for the next round of prelims in the “Would you do…” series. And we’re going back to familiar territory: sportscasters!

We went through 16 in the first season of WYD, but there are plenty more — some high profile, some not — who are begging to be dissected, dissed and do-ed.

This is your brainstorming post for the next 16 sports anchors, sideline reporters and analysts to be featured. Featured? Sure.

The first 16 sportscaster can be found here, so let’s try to avoid repeats.

Make it happen in the comments.