Blogger locked us out

Here’s the secret behind how TBP posts are created:

Usually we create in the evening or late at night. Our schedule allows us to stay up late (on the West Coast, remember) and wake up late too. Because we don’t get on the computer until about Noon Pacific, we post right before we go to bed (around 2 a.m.) so there’s new material up first thing in the morning as an alternative to suicide for people who work at a desk eight hours a day.

Anyway, we had a post we were really excited about planned for today. It was done and good to go, and as we go to post…BLOGGER ERROR! We were virtually locked out of the site.

Holy cock fuck. We were so up in arms, we searched for the Google/Blogger CEO’s contact info to tell him that he fucked our editorial plans and that his wife really knows how to work the tongue.

Since this blog falls just behind family and trim in the metaphorical priority line, we considered getting up around 4 a.m. Pacific (just as the East Coasters are starting to show up at work) to see if we could post what we planned on running today. But we thought better of it, and Jamie, our generously-hung stallion, came through for us and kept material flowing. He has two strippers, a hooker, and Barbaro’s sister in the mail.

Thanks for sticking with us. If more technical problems happen, well, they better not. For Blogger’s sake…

Oh, and two things:

1. That picture is of a hot chick. Consider it an apology.
2. The Would You Do…Tournament will continue Friday.