Merry Christmas

Enjoy your trees, presents and Eggnog, assholes.
We’ll be going to a movie, eating Chinese foods and doing other stereotypical things Jews do on Christmas.

Halloween Costumes

Tomorrow’s Halloween and creativity is running low. We’re considering going out wearing jeans and a shirt and saying we’re dressed as Brad Pitt, but we don’t think that’ll fly. Going as Barbaro might not work either.

So, we need some help. Any good ideas out there? A past favorite of ours is putting on a UW Huskies football t-shirt and then putting a bag over head like those two upset Bengals fans.

But help. Please. Bonus points for sports-related costumes. Your creativity in the comments.

And since we’re talking costumes, we highly suggest you go back and check out last year’s post at The M Zone. Fantastic.