If Stanford wins the Pac-10 this year, some people are going to be very rich

We, admittedly, know very little about sports gambling – how to bet, where to find Tim Donaghy, etc.

But the college football odds against winning conference championships are out, and, would you know it, Stanford is a real long-shot to top the Pac-10.

That is assuming you call 1 billion:1 a long shot.

(Editor’s Note: Odds are according to yesterday’s USA Today on page C11, which are done by http://www.dannysheridan.com/ – sorry, we couldn’t find a link to the online text box.)

We’re certain Jim Harbaugh is feeling pretty good about his Cardinal these days. Hey, they’re a pesky team. And they might be smart enough to rig the thing. *

We, for the aforementioned reasons, aren’t big sports gamblers, but with these odds, hell, we could throw down a few bucks.

*Probably not true.

Adam Landres-Schnur