Drew Bledsoe can go fuck himself

Sorry. That headline is the Huskies in us talking. Still…

Drew Bledsoe, we don’t salute you. Sure, you had a long and somewhat distinguished NFL career. Sure, you made it to the big game twice. Sure, you threw for like a shit-load of yards. But let’s not forget the most important thing: you went to Wazzu. And got sacked like 800,000 times.


Now that Drew’s retired, we can look back with some perspective on his career. Let’s see. He lost his job to such great passers as Tony Romo and J.P. Losman. He lost a Superbowl and then watched another one wearing a headset. On the other hand, he’s in the top 15 all time in passing yards, completions, and TD passes. Not bad for someone who’s prone to Cougin’ it.

Drew, we won’t miss you. And please, for the love of God and Washington apples, make this your final decision. The last thing we need is another Brett Favre around here.