Is Jim Edmonds the best centerfielder of this era?

Or does he just make some spectacular plays, like this one Monday.

Edmonds is also known for these spectacular catches when he was on the Angels and Cardinals.
(Video anyone?)

We’ve always loved the way that Andruw Jones plays center and Griffey Jr. was magnificent in his prime.

Sometimes players who make fantastic diving catches just aren’t fast enough to track the ball and get under it — Jones used to have that speed that he made any play look easy.

Edmonds is one of the best for highlight reels, no doubt. The best centerfielder though? Certainly debatable.


Juuuust a bit…well, it’s high. Kinda over the plate. High, yes. But not really too close to Richie. Little lower and it’s a strike.

Maybe that’s the natural way to react when you’re hitting .209 and your team has scored a combined one run in three straight losses to the lowly Rangers. Or, ya know, Richie wanted to keep his throwing arm warm between innings.

Oh. You want us to play Fantasy NASCAR. Sure thing! Where do we sign up?

Jump off a bridge? You got it! Sign over our life savings? You betcha! Feed you grapes? Thought you’d never ask.

So, do we like pay you now or something?

(Big ups to Jay Busbee — yes, that Jay Busbee — for the find at From The Marbles).

It’d sure suck to have diabeetus, but thankfully, Wilford Brimley is here to help

This is hands down the best commercial on TV.

Brimley, whose mispronunciation of the word “diabetes” is far more priceless and comical than it probably should be, has been mocked plenty. We were going to do a funny bit about it, but realized Family Guy beat us to the punch and did it far better than we ever could.

The Harlem Globetrotters don’t got shit on this guy

Once famous, this man should be surrounded by Supermodels, mountains of cash and probably some blow. It’ll only be fair.

Floyd Mayweather’s acting career begins

From reader Michael H., comes a promo of what looks like Mayweather doing some WWE thing with a guy who resembles our image of Bigfoot. Or the Boogie Man.

This looks fine and all for people who like sports movies/TV shows, but until we see Mayweather and Yao Ming battle to the death, we’re not impressed.

But did he call the bank?

Somewhere, Kelvin Sampson is making a phone call.