If the RGX Body Spray Girl jumped off a bridge…

…we’d make sure to bang her first!

This commercial was on like all day yesterday, so if you were BBQing, parading or fireworking and missed it, here she is below.

Gotta say, the ad folks at Right Guard are doing a helluva job. Rachel Spector (we were disappointed too when we learned she had a real name) could tell us to smear shit all over ourselves and we’d do it complaint-free. So when she wants us to put on good smelling body spray, that’s a no-brainer. (Truth: we don’t fuck around with the body spray. OLD SPICE FOR LIFE, BITCHES!!!)

If the Right Guard team wants to go a step further in advancing their product, they should do a Willy Wonka-esque contest where 10 lucky buyers of RGX get to stick it in RGX Body Spray Girl’s ass. We’d surely buy a few cans.

(And we just got a call from the HR people at Right Guard about or idea. We’re talking money as we speak).