Setting The Record Straight

Hello smut fans, it’s your old pal NFL Adam from The Hater Nation. Now, it’s hard to imagine a Big Picture fan not being familiar with THN (especially since our interview here rocked), but it could happen. To get you up to speed with THN, here’s a little taste of what we like to do over there.

The Red Sox winning was the worst things to happen to America over the past 25 years. Bar none, it was the worst thing that could have happened to our country. The only possible thing that could have been worse is if Christa McAuliffe flew a space shuttle full of anthrax into the World Trade Center.

And that was one of our tamer rants.

Now, yours truly has taken quite a bit of criticism on this site (mostly from Wasting Company Time) for being the only person to vote “no” on the Would you do… Erin Andrews? But with Andrews recent appearance in the College World Series where she looked hot during the UC Irvine game, is it time to rethink that vote?


The Louisville baseball team was smitten with Andrews, but come on, she’s not that hot. Andrews is good looking and she’s much better than that other beast at the World Series, but enough is enough. You guys are acting like Star Wars geeks when it comes to Andrews. But she is more Phantom Menace than anything else.

So while Zach LS is away today (and really, thanks for taking off during the lamest time of the sporting year) let’s have a little fun. Now you commenting types need to come up with (at least) one chick who the entire world finds hot, but you don’t believe is that good.

Andrews is my vote, let’s see what some of you guys think.